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Daimon Beathea

Professional Bio

  • Has coached / worked with numerous NBA and WNBA players over the years 

  • Coached more than 500 men and women NCAA D1, D2, and NAIA players

  • Coached more than 400 men and women professional international  players

  • Coached / trained multiple pro clubs in CBA (China Basketball Association) League

  • Integral part of helping develop the off-season on court skill work programs for numerous NBA teams

  • Worked for the Utah Jazz from 2009-13 as the International talent evaluator for China, covering a field of players aged 16-22 years old and had 30 million players.

"Moving from high school to college basketball is a whole different level of competition. DB taught my son how to play the game at the speed required at this next level by teaching him to make high level reads, refining his footwork, and showing him what pro-level skills workouts look like."

Trevor DeVore, Dad
Son Luc is a college basketball player


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