Introducing World Student Esports Championships


Dec 31, 2020

World Vision Sports Management Introducing World Student Esports Championships

World Vision Sports Management is proudly announcing its flagship esports event - World Students Esports Championships.

The two official games of The Championships are NBA2K and DOTA2. The event will have two divisions: “Varsity Team Division”, which is only open for university varsity teams; and “Collegiate Club Division”, which is available for all university and college esports clubs members around the world. Each division will have 64 best teams (32 teams from each game) compete for the championship titles of the designated division.

In order to secure a spot in the Championships, all teams must sign-up and participate in the zonal qualifiers of The Championships. The six zones are: Africa & America Zone, Asia Zone, China Mainland Zone, Europe Zone, Oceania Zone and U.S. Zone.

Online team registration (sign-up) for World Student Esports Championships 2022 will open to all college students in early September of 2022. Schedules and competition regulations will be available on the official website of The Championships by then.

Last but not the least, World Vision Sports Management has designed a ranking system for all participating teams, every team will receive “Ranking Points” with every victory. The ranking system rules will be available on the official website as well.