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India Rising to Participate in Men’s Event World Vision Kansas City Cup 2023

Apr 28, 2023

India Rising to Showcase Talents and Connect with Community at World Vision Kansas City Cup 2023

World Vision Sports & Entertainment is pleased to announce that India Rising has confirmed its participation in the men’s event of the upcoming World Vision Kansas City Cup 2023, the June event of the four-month World Vision Eight Nations Basketball Series 2023 in Kansas City, Mo.

World Vision will present a week of men’s and women’s international basketball competition at Municipal Auditorium each month from June through September.

India Rising is made up of the world’s best players of Indian origin. The team has extensive experience ranging from the NBA to pro leagues around the world, and India Rising is excited to showcase their skills in this prestigious tournament.

The World Vision Kansas City Cup 2023 will take place from June 12 to 19 at Municipal Auditorium, and will feature some of the most talented basketball teams from around the world. India Rising will be one of the participating teams, representing Indian origin athletes from around the world. Earlier this year, the team held a global tryout across the United States, Canada, and India to select players for its 2023 roster.

The team aims to use this opportunity not only to showcase its talent, but also to connect with the local South Asian community. Through its participation, India Rising hopes to inspire young basketball players from the community to pursue their dreams in the game of basketball.

"We are honored to be a part of the World Vision Kansas City Cup 2023 and are excited to represent the Indian community in Kansas City," said Gautam Kapur, the team's general manager and founder. "Our goal at World Vision Kansas City Cup is to not only showcase our talent but also inspire young brown ballers that they have a place in the world of athletics."

World Vision Sports & Entertainment and India Rising invite the local community to come and support the team during the tournament. The team is excited to share its passion for basketball with the community and hopes to make them proud.

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