Global Groove Online Concert

All Year Round Online Music Festival

"Global Groove Online Concert is the best way for artists to explore new ways to do live concert. We will be using cutting-edge technology to develop state-of-art virtual stages and studio for the Concert, so that music fans will not only watch the concert on their devices but also have a chance to be able to interact with performing artists and possibly other fans on the other side of the world."


-- Daimon Beathea, Founder & CEO


After Party Show

A Journey To The Greatness

  • After Party Show is a follow-up variety show of Global Groove Online Concert, and it is the intellectual property of World Vision Sports Management;

  • The first season of After Party Show will be produced for the Greater China market and broadcasted globally through World Vision Sports Management's TV platform and its regional partners' platforms;

  • North America and other regional versions of After Party Show will be aired starting from Global Groove Online Concert Season 2.