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Competition Regulation

  1. Eligibility 

    • 40+ group: player's birthday MUST be before December 31, 1984​​. Legal ID of the players must be submitted along with the team roster.

    • 50+ group: player's birthday MUST be before December 31, 1974. Legal ID of the players must be submitted along with the team roster.

    • Open group: NO restriction

  2. Registration

    • The deadline for registering and paying for the tournament is 11:59 PM CT on December 15, 2023.

    • Any registration between December 16 -20 , the registration fee will INCREASE to $600.

  3. Competition Schedule

    • Competition schedule will be available and send to team contact person on December 22.​​

  4. Hospitality

    • Teams are responsible for managing their own transportation to Gardner, Kansas;

    • Teams are responsible for managing their own accommodation and board for all team members, as well as the transportation between the hotel and the venue.

  5. Equipment: Teams shall prepare its own gears and equipment including:

    • Two (2) sets of jersey, one light color set, one dark color set.

    • Any other necessary supplementary gears such as tape, EDC medical equipment, medication etc.

  6. Check-In:​ Pre-game check-in: team manager/staff is responsible for pre-game check-in at the check-in desk at least 10 minutes prior to the team's schedule game time.

  7. Forfeit

    • If a team fails to complete the pre-game check-in and does not show up within 10 minutes after the scheduled game time, the referee of the game has the right to announce the winner of the game, and the result of the game shall be recorded as 20:0.

  8. Code of Conduct

    • ​​Respectful Behavior

      • Treat all contestants, organizer and its sponsors and partners, and spectators with respect, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other characteristic.

      • Avoid engaging in disrespectful or harmful behavior, including bullying, harassment, or discrimination.​​

    • Sportsmanship

      • Exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play throughout the tournament.

      • Refrain from cheating, exploiting bugs or glitches, or using any unfair advantage that may undermine the integrity of the competition.

    • Communication

      • Use respectful and appropriate language during in-game communications, both voice and text.

      • Avoid any form of toxic behavior, such as harassment, hate speech, or excessive trash talking.

    • ​​Fair Play​​

      • Follow the rules and regulations of the tournament and the game being played.

      • Abide by any restrictions or guidelines set by the organizers.

    • Privacy and Consent​​

      • Respect the privacy and consent of others. Do not share personal information without permission.

      • Do not record or stream the tournament without explicit permission from the organizers and all participants involved.

    • Non-Discrimination​​

      • Do not engage in any form of discrimination, including but not limited to racism, sexism, or homophobia.

      • Treat all individuals fairly and avoid prejudiced remarks or actions.

    • Consequences of Violations​​

      • Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in penalties, such as warnings, temporary suspension, or disqualification from the tournament.

      • Organizers maintain the right to make final decisions regarding disciplinary actions.

    • DO NOT bring fire arms or any weapon of any kind into the tournament, including hotels and venue.

  9. Penalty

    • Impersonation:

      • Any team use unregistered player or impersonate the registered player, shall be deemed as CHEATING. The organizer and the officials can stop the game immediately, and declare the cheating team is the loser of game, and the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

      • If such behavior is found after any game or the conclusion of the tournament, the organizer has the indisputable right to change the result of the tournament.

    • Misbehavior:

      • All participants (players and team staff) of the tournament must maintain good behavior throughout the entire tournament.

      • If any contestant engages in misconduct during the competition or outside of it, such as physically assaulting others, verbally attacking others, or engaging in discriminatory behavior, they will be immediately disqualified and expelled from the venue.​

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