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Competition System

  1. Event Scale

    • Open group: 16 teams (max)

    • 40+ group: 16 teams​​ (max)

    • 50+ group: 16 teams (max)

    • Each team shall have a maximum of 10 players

  2. Prize Money: The prize money is $1,000 for the champion of each group.

  3. Applied Rule: College basketball rules will be applied for the tournament

  4. Play Time

    • Five (5) minutes warm-up before the tip-off of each game.

    • The halftime break is 5 minutes.

    • Each game is divided into two halves. Each half of the game lasts for 20 minutes. The timer does not stop during the first 18 minutes of each half, but it stops if there is a dead ball in the last two minutes.

    • In the last two minutes of the second half, if the point difference between the two teams reaches 20 points, the game automatically ends and the team with more points wins.

  5. Team Fouls

    • In each half, when a team accumulates SIX (6) fouls, the seventh foul will result in one-and-one free throw for the fouled player. If the accumulated fouls reach NINE (9), the TENTH foul will result in two (2) free throws for the fouled player.

    • The second half begins without accumulation of team fouls.

  6. Competition System 

    • Every team will be assured to play 3 games during the group stage.

    • Winning team of a group game will gain 2 points, and the losing team will gain 1 point.

    • Day 1:

      • Group games: teams within the same group play single round robin against each other.

    • Day 2:

      • Group games continue. The top two teams of the group will advances to the quarterfinals.

    • Day 3:

      • Elimination rounds

      • Winners of the quarterfinals advance to the semifinals.

      • Winners of the semifinals advance to the final.

      • The final (championship game of the group) takes place.

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