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Ethan Wang

Managing Director
Greater China

Mr. Ethan Wang is an international awards nominee and awards winning producer, lecturer of Communication University of China, and UEA in UK, specializing in motion picture and television program co-production and international marketing.

Mr. Wang is film and television producer, twelve years experience as a documentary, film and short drama producer and scriptwriter. Co-producer of NHK in Japan, SunDance Institute in the US, and content consultant of TV2Z platform in China for European digital channel provider.

His work "Whisper of Minqin" has won the first prize at the CCDF Documentary Film Festival in Taiwan, the first prize at the Chinese Language Film Festival in Hong Kong, Outstanding Work at the Asian SunDance Festival in Japan, Best Cinematography at the Asian Rainbow Awards in Macau, and a joint nomination at SunnysideDoc in France.

Mr. Wang is a brilliant marketer, with his knowledge and experience in the film industry, combined with the current trend of "content is king", he can provide a lot of valuable suggestions, ideas and creativity for marketing, especially video marketing in China.

Ethan Wang
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