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Unity Through Globalization

New Era

WVSE's sporting events business has been severely impacted by the pandemic since the 2020, so we had to reinvent ourselves to adapt to the more unpredictable future ahead. Therefore, we plan to move into online business and add entertainment and esports to the company's main business in the future. At the same time, we are also developing our own streaming platform.

As the pandemic is subsiding, WVSE is actively preparing for next year's basketball tournaments where we will invite national teams and professional clubs from different countries to Kansas City to participate in our World Vision Basketball Series events from May to September.

To learn WVSE's brief history and its founder, please click HERE.​


World Vision Eight Nations Basketball Series is our flagship sporting events in the summer. We are going to bring the international basketball powerhouses to U.S.A., and broadcast it to the world.


Global Groove Online Concert is the top tier entertainment program of World Vision Sports & Entertainment. It will be using cutting-edge technology to deliver a unique experience to music fans so that they can enjoy world class live music performance online anywhere.


World Student Esports Championships is the flagship event for college esport enthusiasts to compete globally. College varsity teams and esports clubs will fight their way through the regional qualifiers to qualify for The Finals of The Championships.

Team Members

Daimon Beathea

Daimon Beathea

Founder & CEO

Former professional player, team owner, coach, and veteran in sports industry

Ethan Wang

Ethan Wang

Managing Director
Greater China

International award winning producer

Michael Jiang

Michael Jiang

Acting COO

Veteran of sports international relations and event organization.

Stanley Louis

Stanley Louis

Managing Director
Asia & Oceania

Sport industry veteran in Asia

Delray Brooks

Delray Brooks

Vice President
Global Sports

Former professional player and renown coach

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